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You Got This!

Our God is a keeper. He is a restorer of things that were lost. For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and give you hope and a future, saith the Lord. We bless the Lord that when we are unsettled in our life, the Lord sends us a reassuring word. Let this poem bless you today. Be encouraged that with God’s help, You Got This.

You Got This

Secretly you feel the days are chaos and craziness. Most days just hoping to find happiness. But maybe if you slowed down the craziness will fade. And you will see the chaos is actually memorable moments being made.

Pause and See You Got This

Holding a secret is a heavy burden to carry. Exposing that secret is unbelievably scary. But the truth, yes your truth May just save the innocence of someone else’s youth.

Stop and breath You Got This

Anxiety.... a silent lonely battle so many face. Daily you pray this demon would no longer choose you to chase. But wait, over 2,000 years ago you were granted a promise and a power. Stand tall it’s time for the enemy to cower.

Have Faith and Believe You Got This

You watch the news in grief, saddened by the world’s strife. You spend your days hoping one day you’ll help change someone’s life. But little do you know your kindness to others has made a path in the dark. The world is simply waiting for you to leave your mark.

Stand Tall and Smile You Got This

You see those around you achieving their goals, determined to make their dreams matter. Convinced it will never be you, you tell yourself it’s okay to let your dreams shatter. But you kept the pieces because there is a dreamer under that disguise. Piece the dream back together again, after all it is okay to revise.

Trust Yourself and Dream You Got This

© Bianca Johnson 2020


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